8th Grade English 1st hour and Literature 5th Hour

Hello SJS Students! You should spend about 60 minutes per day on this school work.   We will be working Mondays – Thursdays. 
Also, please email me at  jsours@sanjonschools.com, or text my phone 575 799 7887 at any time during the school week M-Th 8 :00-4:00.  I would be glad to hear from you, and answer any questions.

You will need the following things to complete the rest of the year:

1. Computer with internet --*If you don't have this , let me know
2. You Tube access
3. A booklet or notebook we will write in for a COVID19 Journal

 READING-- You will be complete the novel The Giver by listening to each chapter on You Tube, as we have done in class. You do not need a copy of the book if you have YouTube. 
 8th   grade: Title of your book: The Giver
Author of your book:  Lois Lowry
You Tube Suggestion: See Link on Side Menu
Start on Chapter 13.  Read 3 chapters before April 9, (and every Thursday until May 14.)

 Each week you need aim for covering 3 chapters.
We will take an AR test after on this novel in MAY.

Writing #1-- You will submit a summary  to me (by email) of what you read or listened to  
 from the novel Every THURSDAY. Your first assignment is due April 9 and every Thursday after that. Write about the characters, setting, and plot line development.  

Writing #2--You will need to write in your COVID19 Journal.
Your first entry will be your longest. It is about your thoughts and experiences from the last time you were in school until April 5. This is due on Thursday, April 9. You will submit a journal entry to me Every Thursday after that following the COVID19 and how it affects your life.

Zoom- Zoom.us  (You can click on the link under your grade to go to the website, and then you will type in the meeting ID listed below.)
We will be getting together on the ZOOM website to discuss our reading and journals EVERY Wednesday at 11:00 am.  Please have your journal with you. 
Zoom meeting ID :   233-030-397                                 
You are going to learn and communicate in a brand new way. You are such amazing 8th graders, and will do wonderful!!!
 I look forward to reading your work, and talking with you on Zoom. 
Take care of your self.

                      IT'S GOOD TO BE US AT SJS!!!!