Drivers Ed

Drivers Education class Class

Week 1

The students will watch the video then write a paper on why they should avoid being distracted while driving.

Week 2

Student will write a paper after they watch the video on why it is important to stop when a bus is unloading or loading kids.  

Week 3

The students will tell me what they are to do at a Railroad crossing.

Week 4

The students will watch the video on being an organ donor and write a paper on how they feel about being a donor.

Week 5

The student will take a test to ensure they have the needed information to complete their course to receive the next step in acquiring their license.

Email me your lesson as you complete them.

I will be available by phone anytime between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Thursday.

I will check in on them Thursday at 11:00am by text.