Health Class

Week 1

The students will look up COVID-19 and write a paper on how it is spread and how they can avoid contracting it.

Week 2

Student will write a paper or make a power point on an STD of their choice.

Week 3

The students will give me a list of the mental and emotional health organizations in their area and ones they can reach online.  They will list at least 5 places.

Week 4

The students will write how they are dealing with the stress of having to stay at home and how they are dealing with the closure of school.

Week 5

The student will write how the closure of schools and having to stay at home has affected their friendships and their social life.

 Email me your lesson once you have them complete.

I will be available by phone anytime between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Thursday.

I will check in on them Thursday at 11:00am by text.